“I have spent my entire career in medicine treating men’s health. Men’s health has been my passion and focus for over twenty years. I co-founded Kane Health as a culmination of my life’s work in men’s health by taking the best practices of what I have learned to help men live better.”
Dr. Chris Threatt, MD
Board Certified Urologist
Co-Founder, Kane Health
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Who we are

Our current healthcare system does not provide men with the time, or the medical depth of specialty needed, to focus on their unique health needs and concerns. Kane Health is a concierge style medical practice designed for the unique needs of men. We take an individualized approach to men’s health that is centered on a safe, whole-body approach for optimized health and sexual wellness. Grounded in our philosophy of proactive care, we have developed an integrated approach to men’s health that leverages the advances in medicine and technology to help men optimize their cognitive, physical and sexual wellness, while our comprehensive diagnostic assessments, performed at key intervals, are designed to enhance the likelihood of early detection for undiagnosed conditions that may develop. 

Our approach to men’s health is designed to address the root causes of the symptoms associated with aging to give you the lasting results you want. Our mission is to help your mind and body perform at its optimal condition so that you can do all the things in life that matter to you. Living longer isn’t good enough, live better. Start today.
Kane Health

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