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Men's health just got a lot better
Our current healthcare system doesn’t afford men the time or depth of specialty needed to focus on their unique needs.
​Welcome to the age of personalized medicine. Kane Health is a concierge medical practice that has been designed exclusively for men. We take an individualized approach to men’s health that is centered on a safe, whole-body approach for optimized health and sexual wellness. Experience life the way you want to, start today.
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Living longer isn't good enough... Live better
​Men have unique health needs and concerns. In fact, one in four men over the age of thirty suffer from testosterone deficiency. Testosterone deficiency can be caused not only by age, but also other health factors including stress, diet, weight, disease, medication or other lifestyle issues. Symptoms caused by testosterone deficiency include lack of energy, sleep, loss of muscle mass, brain fog or diminished sexual function, making it difficult to even feel like yourself.

Finally, a health and wellness program designed for the specific needs of men. Our integrated annual men’s health programs are science-based, comprehensive, proactive and highly individualized. We leverage selected components in regenerative medicine, as well as bioidentical hormone replacement and other technologically advanced treatments to help men optimize their cognitive, physical and sexual wellbeing while our regular extensive diagnostic assessments are designed to proactively provide early detection of undiagnosed medical conditions. Regain your energy and intensity now, reach out to us and start your journey to living better.
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At Kane Health, we believe in an integrated and proactive approach to enhancing health and sexual wellness by combining both personalized medications, micro-dosed to your personal body chemistry and what your body specifically needs, with a variety of science-based treatment modalities. The result? A safe, non-invasive, highly personalized, whole-body therapy that improve functions that can affect your overall health and sexual wellbeing such as:

• Vascular flow enhancement
• Inflammation reduction
• Hormone improvement
• Nerve regeneration
• Angiogenesis

Our holistic approach doesn’t just treat the symptoms associated with aging; it addresses the root causes to help you achieve the lasting results you want. It’s never too early, or too late, to experience what optimized cognitive, physical and sexual health can be like. Let us help you improve, or maintain, your sense of wellness. Reach out now for a consultation.
The old status quo of pills and surgery only addresses the symptoms of diminishing sexual function, but not the cause.
Healthy male sexual function can be affected by a range of factors: lifestyle, stress, high cholesterol or diabetes. Even men who don’t suffer from poor sexual function will notice a gradual decline as their bodies change with age. We have been conditioned to respond with only “blue or yellow pills”. While pills can effectively address symptoms, over time our bodies become less responsive and they lose their effectiveness. 
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Most men will experience a decline in sexual function with time.
Even men who do not suffer from diminished sexual function will notice some decline in their ability as their bodies change with time. Many men find themselves accepting a deterioration in sexual health as a natural part of getting older, but thanks to advances in medicine and technology, that doesn’t have to be the case.
Dr. Chris Threatt, M.D.
Board Certified Urologist
Co-Founder, Kane Health

Being healthy isn’t just something you are, it requires an on-going investment of time and energy that becomes more and more important as you age. We know you didn’t get to where you are now by accepting the status quo. As a man, you have worked hard to achieve what you have, so why compromise when it comes to your health and sexual wellbeing?
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Knowledge is power. Our Knowledge Center is your resource for vetted science-based information on men’s health.
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Seamless from start to finish. Every appointment includes not only the procedure, but additional items of follow up.

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Excellent bedside manner, knowledgeabe and answered all questions.. Very professional.

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Great experience.

Robert H. | Jun 29, 2022
Absolutely personalized attention to every detail. Inspires a good life and how to achieve wellness.

Charles C. | Jun 19, 2022
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Addressing men's health involves more than treating just the sexual organ, it involves a thoughtful, on-going calibration of all the key health factors that can contribute to a man's overall health and overall well being.