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Holistic Program

Restore your vigor and appetite for life with our annual Holistic Concierge Program. This annual program is our most comprehensive wellness program. It features an extensive array of innovative treatments, coupled with frequent on-going assessment and calibration of all the key health factors that can contribute to a man's overall health and well-being. Our innovative treatments and therapies are designed to optimize your cognitive, physical and sexual wellness throughout the year.

Holistic Program

Our Holistic Concierge program includes one on one access to Dr. Threatt as your men’s health physician (MHP), as well as seamless coordination with other specialized care providers, facilitation of pre-authorizations, referrals to top specialists with assistance in scheduling difficult to get medical appointments. Men in our Holistic Concierge program also receive a monthly supply of personalized medications, micro dosed to their personal body chemistry and what their body specifically needs for optimized sexual health, hormone therapy and a nutraceutical regimen designed to improve overall health, prevent chronic diseases, postpone the aging process and support functions that maintain the integrity of the body. This program also includes access to our functional nutritionist who will develop a meal program based on your body’s specific needs to help you increase energy levels, decrease inflammation, balance your immune system, and help you lose fat and gain lean muscle.

This program doesn’t just stop at optimizing your health. Our extensive diagnostic evaluations, performed at regular intervals, are designed to enhance the likelihood of early detection for undiagnosed diseases and conditions that can be easily missed by a basic health checkup. Our personal relationships with some of the top medical specialists in the country ensures that you will have the best and the brightest available to address any medical conditions that may arise. This concierge style program is designed for men who do not currently have a concierge primary care physician.

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