Functional Health services offered in Redwood City, CA

Functional health tackles men’s health problems by starting at the source. In the functional health programs at Kane Health, in Atherton, California, renowned men’s health expert Chris Threatt, MD, offers the highly customized care you need to achieve your best physical, mental, and sexual health. Book your appointment online or call the office for help today.

Functional Health Q & A

What is functional health?

Functional health is medical care that focuses on finding the underlying causes of poor health and disease. As a functional health specialist, Dr. Threatt considers every aspect of your life, including your diet, environment, and lifestyle, to find those things that contribute to your health problems.

Functional health care treats problems by correcting them at their source rather than simply treating the symptoms. Kane Health offers three functional health programs to help men identify and solve problems, leading to significantly improved whole-body wellness.

Which functional health programs are available?

The functional health programs at Kane Health all focus specifically on men’s health. They are:

Essentials program

The essentials program offers basic men’s health services using a functional medicine approach. The program is ideal for men seeking moderate improvement in their cognitive, physical, and sexual health. It’s also an excellent approach for men who want to maintain their current health and prevent a decline in these areas as they age.

The essentials program includes comprehensive annual health evaluations, monthly medications customized to your body chemistry, GAINSwave® therapy, and an in-home vacuum pump to improve erections.

Enhanced program

The enhanced program is ideal for men wishing to make the best of their cognitive, physical, and sexual health. It includes all the same services as the essentials program.

In addition, the enhanced program offers semi-annual checkups, expanded access to GAINSwave therapy, an in-home pulse wave device, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), peptide therapy, and annual Botox® sessions.

Holistic program

The holistic program offers the highest service level available at Kane Health. It includes all essential and enhanced program services. It adds quarterly checkups, extensive GAINSwave therapy, Peyronie’s disease treatment, and semi-annual Botox treatments.

Dr. Threatt can discuss your individual needs and goals to help you decide which functional health program will work best for you.

What are the benefits of functional health programs?

Through the functional health programs at Kane Health, men are taking back their vitality and youth. Many men struggle with problems like erectile dysfunction (ED), weight gain, lack of confidence, and depression due to changes that happen as they age.

The functional health programs offer men’s health care calibrated to individual needs and goals, allowing each man to reach his full health potential.

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